“Beep beep, beep beep, YEAH!”

cakes 001

Left hand drive. It is dad’s dream to drive the left hand drive but here I am driving right AND left! Both! Ha-ha! I cannot believe that the big store that does sell the food and meat I love so much can afford such a luxury automobile. ‘Tis wished and loved. Amazing are the things you can see and smell while riding in a touring vehicle. The Isle of Broccoli, the Land O’ Cakes, Donutville, and The Ghetto of Gluten Free are just some of the places that I visited and considered postcard making and sending.

Dad wished the car could play The Boomtown Rats while I drove around and around but there was no stereo. He always dreams in stereo. I dream in analog and Technicolor® but please do not tell my father for he will be ever so jealous. Cereal he will.

If you ever get to be 17 months old again and at the Harter House over there by one of my grandpa’s houses, then you should get in the car and drive. Really you should.

Holy Shish, I’ve been gone too longs!

cakesThings sure can happen in four months. I’ve been on quite a few adventures, walking around and dog talkin’ and stuff, and now that my molars are coming in I can sit back in my rocking chair or on my Gabba Mat and tell you about my new fren; Shish.

He’s a little Betamax fish or somethin’ and hims real cute and swims around under the big screen on the wall. I saw another fish at my frens Jeremy and Michael’s house (thems have three dogs, holy cow!) and I think Mom thought I could really use another animal buddy. I sure could, Mom! I do believe she is the smartest Mom.

I have lots of tales to tell, like the one about straight face. Oooo.

Discuverin’ things

2-6-2013 001“Unrolling is the key to creating a happy pile, I do believe,” said Luey, the very second that he discovered his latest joy.

A stretchy tour of the house by way of semi-unpatented crab walk (an under the butt – leg out affair that enables hims to traverse and search with gusto) planted Luey at the threshold of the mysterious and bright Salle de Bain; the white room where sits the Large Ocean with lion’s feet. The Large Ocean is a place of dinosaurs, of boats, cars, red and illuminated flowers, and also dogs that are in need of constant scrubs.

“Hoy-hey, I do say that I wish to swims in you today,” Luey said to the Large Ocean. “Perhaps until then I will consider this thing called toilet and the environs of the sink that is pedastaled.”

But in an instant, a flash!, and a zimbang!!, Luey’s little eyes of slate fell upon one of the singular earthly delights; paper. It is not just for the drawing. It is not just for the tearing. Paper is for the eating, and the munching, and the joy bringing. And here was so much soft paper rolled on to a nice tube thing.

Luey reached up towards the paper with his little hands that flick and flick and he made the paper roll down and out. More came and then more and then more and then more and then before he knew it he had freed all the paper in to a cozy pile and it became a happy, new Fren for him to enjoy and ascertain.

“Unrolling is the key to creating a happy pile, I do believe,” said Luey, the very second that he discovered his latest joy.

Meandering thoughts on a boy named Littles.

2-6-2013 001

See this kid? His brain has evolved to such a great evolved state that he can now tell the difference between soft and easy blankets and dry and dead pokey grass. This was the first time that Luey was able to hang out in the sunshine, in a yard (our neighbor’s hideous yard), and really get to know nature. He thought nature could take a hike. He gave it a few raspberries and then just started to have a melt down. “It’s too POKEY!” I’m sure he was saying to me in between the tears and the slobber. Of course, he wasn’t going to get to leave the yard without a few pictures. I had to pose him because he was being really bitchy and uncooperative. That showed him. But Luey was right, that grass was really pokey, and itchy, and tan colored, and dead.

I am this little boy’s father. I will be his hero, his friend, his confidant, his pal, his buddy, and his inspiration. I will become a better man in direct ratio to what kind of father I am to Luey. I never imagined that I would get to play this role. I avoided the audition my whole adult life because that adult life was always chaos and flux.

I will always recall how excited I felt when I was driving to the store to buy a pregnancy test. I thought nothing but positive thoughts. I never questioned this child for a second. Everything felt right. It does every day.

This is the coolest thing I’ve ever done.
I am so proud to be Luey Alan Pierson’s Dad.
(and I love his momma with all of my heart)

“There’s a midget, standing tall…”

2-6-2013“The world sure does look vastier when you’re looking at it over the ottoman,” thought Luey.

During another serious weekend in a continuing series of not-so-serious weekends, Luey crossed another milestone. Unlike his other milestones, first word, monster poo, handclapping, and flight, Littles saved this peak of the peakiest for his mother.

Luey noticed that a hairtie or perhaps a remote control if you will was being underutilized and un-nommed upon the ottoman.

“I will stretch the legs in an up and down fashion I do believe and this will give me the momentum I need for stuffins,” Luey thought as he prepared to stand almost 28.5” tall.

With one hand on the top of the ottoman and another of his eight hands on the top of the ottoman that is the same ottoman, Luey lifted himself to a full leg lock. Full, I tell you! Smiles did beam and 3.5 teeth were exposed.

“Hooray!” shouted Jaff from the next room since he was happy that he wasn’t the only creature that resided in Luey’s roomcondo that could stand (even if they didn’t have to stand all the time like Jaff, who is over six feet tall).

Luey looked at his momma and smiled. “Wow, staying home sick has its perks and stuffs,” Luey thought and so thought Momma at the same time which is really interesting. “Vastier it is. So much to ‘splore,” and with that Luey plopped down on his cushioney butt and considered the carpet.

Fever all through the night.

IMG_0740Holy moly mostaccioli, man, Luburger spent the evening hanging out at 102.5. Doesn’t the world know hims has better things to do?! His cephalopod friend, Oshin, came to keep him company when he wasn’t feeling well a few months ago. Oshin sat on Luburger’s head, bathed his brainy parts in inky goodness, and comforted him with the power of knit. Sometimes, the touch of it makes any fever take a hike. Just ask Himsmostpretty! His mom is one of the queens of knit. She even made a tree out of it and if you ever travel to the magical world of Kansas City, the home of steaks and stuff, you can see the world’s largest knitted tree. Or you can go here

Kids can have the cra-cra dreams when they are sick and the dumb thing about having hothead dreams when you’re ten months old is that when you want to share them with people they don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m sure that the Lu went on quite a few adventures when he was sick last night. He sure sounded like he did! Maybe he paid you a visit? If so then you probably slept really well. Just like he is now, in his Gamma’s arms.

Welcome. I happen to be napping right now.

Little Mr. Littlepants, to you.While Little Mr. Littlepants is napping, enjoying the sounds of his glow worm, his birds, and his silent dogs, Dad has decided to create a space where tales can be spun and musings can happen. He’s just over ten months old now and every day brings some new surprise. Clapping. Seeing how long he can keep food on the tip of his tongue. Swimming through the pond that is his bath water. Laughing while Alvy chases Loretta Lynn around a sort of expensive rug that Mom and Dad thought for sure they would have for at least one year.

Luey is napping. Mom is napping. Pictures of Luey has just begun…